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Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund

Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund

Steve Locke introduces Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund

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STEVE LOCKE: So Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund is a balanced mandate that's focused on global asset classes, both on the equity side, where we're focused on global, dividend-oriented equities managed by Darren McKiernan of Mackenzie. And on the fixed income side, we're really focused on global investing from a lot of different market sectors where we have keen focus, including EM debt, global sovereign curves, high-yield bonds, tradeable bank loans, and investment-grade corporate debt as well.

We bring this together in a diversified basket of fixed income where we're getting a good yield to the client through this balanced mandate, but we're actively managing the risks that come with global investing, including active currency management. It's an important part of risk management in a mandate like this, but it's also a contributor to total return over time.

DARREN MCKIERNAN: As manager of the equity sleeve of the Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund, it's my team's job to find the highest quality dividend paying companies in the world. We want companies that have demonstrated great free cash flow conversion, generate high return on invested capital, and have shown a propensity to not just pay dividend, but grow that dividend stream over five, ten, in some cases well over 20 years in a row.

Now when you combine that approach with Steve's rigorous pursuit of high-quality fixed income coupons, we think that's a great option for investors seeking a core balanced solution.

STEVE LOCKE: We think we're going to deliver a great core offering to clients that's focused on global investing. And that's an area where Canadian investors have been underrepresented in their portfolio over time. This diversified offering, with good risk management and good active management, is a key solution going forward.