John Cook on Performance

My name is John Cook. I've been working most of my career in the investment management world. It's clear to us not enough capital was going into building sustainable infrastructure, so, we created a company called Greenchip Financial, and for the last 13 years we've been investing in companies who provide important environmental solutions to the world. We've identified about 700 businesses around the world whose products and services address that challenge. The important thing though is not just identifying those businesses but choosing the ones that have the most important products and services and are priced right. So, what I do on a daily basis is try to convince potential investors that there's a really important place for capital to be going and it is also likely placed where they're going to see superior returns over time. When we're talking about performance, I don't think you can win focusing on the next quarter or even the next year. You’ve got to trust the process and focus on the long term, three years, five years, sometimes even ten. That's how you win. We've been doing it now for 13 years and it's worked. We have managed to outperform. There's a huge gap right now between what we're investing in environmental solutions, the types of companies whose products and services get the world to a more sustainable place and the amount of capital each year that's actually going there. We're currently investing about $800 billion. The gap is $1.7 trillion dollars

a year. I mean what could be more important than creating a more sustainable economy for our children down the road, a more sustainable world