Steve Locke on Performance

I'm Steve Locke,and I am head of Fixed Income at Mackenzie,and a Portfolio Manager.

So, I manage 20 professionals who work across portfolio management, analytics, and trading, for all of our fixed income products.

Day to day, we need to talk about all the macro and market environments that we're investing in, which is global fixed income, so everything in credit and sovereign rates around the world, as well as currency, and try to, as a team, assess how we should take risk and get yield for clients.

Our fixed income team really focuses on active management with a very integrated approach, so our philosophy is, we want to produce the best risk-adjusted return by using the maximum flexibility in the global markets to achieve that.

That means we're gonna combine a whole bunch of research, proprietary research, to get the job done. That includes quantitative and fundamental credit research.So, our belief is that, when we combine these important points of research in an integrated fashion across geographies and across the capital structure of companies, we're gonna be able to produce a better risk-adjusted return for clients.

When I come to work every day, I think about getting that performance. I mean, I'm a performance-driven person, I'm competitive, wanting to win every day for clients. Wanting to win getting them a better risk-adjusted return is what drives me. So, performance matters to me.