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Product Update

Mackenzie Quarterly Update

Mackenzie Investments’ New Income Solutions

On April 26, 2017, Mackenzie Investments launched two mutual funds and one ETF designed to generate income and improve portfolio diversification. Our new funds provide investors with solutions to achieve higher yields and income generation:

Mackenzie Global Credit Opportunities Fund and Mackenzie Global High Yield Fixed Income ETF (MHYB)

  • High-yield fixed income products with a flexible global approach
  • Managed by Steve Locke and Dan Cooper from the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team
  • Category: High Yield Fixed Income

Mackenzie US Strategic Income Fund

  • US-focused income balanced product
  • Managed by the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team (Steve Locke, Dan Cooper) and the Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team (Darren McKiernan, Eugene Profis)
  • A great addition to our proven investment process of the Mackenzie Strategic Income Fund and Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund
  • Category: Global Neutral Balanced