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Elevating Core Positions with Liquid Alternatives Webcast

For years, true liquid alternative funds were generally available only to institutions and high-net-worth investors through Offering Memoranda. Now we are offering to IIROC Advisors and their clients the first mutual fund in Canada to use alternative investment strategies based on the proposed alternative funds framework by Canadian regulators. This Fund features a transparent approach, rigorous risk management, daily liquidity and all-in-one simplicity.

Mackenzie Multi-Strategy Absolute Return Fund combines a range of alternative strategies to help stabilize clients' core portfolios and seek better risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle.

Join our webcast and hear our speakers discuss:

  • The importance and key advantages of alternatives
  • How the Mackenzie investment teams leverage each team’s unique expertise to construct and manage the portfolio, using:
    • Two main tools: leverage and short-selling
    • Alternative strategies: Global Macro, Equity Long/Short and Credit Absolute Return
  • How this all-in-one investment solution can deliver different return streams, improve portfolio diversification and reduce reliance on equity markets


Featured Speakers:


Damon Murchison, Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Distribution, Mackenzie Investments

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