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Fixed income: where we’ve been and what lies ahead

With macroeconomic issues abounding, and central banks diverging on monetary policy, a spotlight shines on fixed income. Steve Locke, Head of the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team, helps make sense of it all.

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Getting real about retirement

If you have clients approaching or planning for retirement, they likely have many questions. Mackenzie’s experts have the answers and the solutions to help your clients navigate retirement.

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Challenges and rewards of investing in China

China is one of the world’s most intriguing markets. Diversifying a portfolio with Chinese stocks can enhance risk-adjusted returns. Explore different options through A-share and H-share.

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Darren McKiernan: unplugged and (more or less) unfiltered

Our podcast delivers timely conversations with our portfolio managers and subject matter experts. In this segment, we present Darren McKiernan, Head of the Mackenzie Global Equity & Income Team.

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If data is “the new gold,” here’s a glittery way to invest

In today’s high-tech digital world, data is crucial to businesses and individuals. The Mackenzie Growth Team has uncovered an innovative tech company poised to thrive in our data-driven society.

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International dividends – your missing puzzle piece

Clients too concentrated in North America? Add Mackenzie International Dividend Fund to their portfolio for enhanced geographic diversification and exposure to strong, stable companies that pay a dividend.

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View economic and market isnights from our team of investment experts.

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