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Mackenzie Economic Reports

Mackenzie Economic Reports

Supplement your current market materials with Mackenzie’s Economic Reports. Covering a wide range of economic and market insights, these resources will enhance your understanding of the current market and enable you to have more meaningful investment conversations with your clients.

Mackenzie Monthly Economic Report

A supplement to our quarterly economic report, the Mackenzie Monthly Economic Report highlights monthly changes and fluctuations of various market and economic indicators.

Read the Bull and Bear Report for more specific insights than the Monthly Report.

Market Review

Our Chief Economist providing his comments around key economic indicators.

Bull & Bear

Track the bull and bear markets of the S&P 500 and S&P TSX Indexes since 1956.

Mackenzie Quarterly Economic Report

The Mackenzie Quarterly Economic Report features a detailed and comprehensive review of global capital markets and economies.

Looking for more specific information? Read our updated market and investing insights.

Market Insights

Discover a variety of market and economic indicators, which are supported by detailed charts and graphs.

Investing Insights

Develop a better understanding of the risks and rewards of investing with these presentations that illustrate long-term market behaviour.