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Mackenzie Betterworld Canadian Equity Fund

Canadian all cap strategy with a specific focus on large cap companies.

Mackenzie Betterworld Global Equity Fund

Global large cap investments with a small-mid cap component to boost growth potential.

Mackenzie's Continuing Education Centre

Your source for continuing education credits.

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Is the U.S. dollar poised to decline?

So far in 2022, the U.S. dollar has gained against all advanced-economy currencies. The global impact has been broad and hard hitting, but relief may be on the way.

2022 Mid-Year Outlook: The Blue Book

The challenges have continued to stack up in 2022: war in Europe, higher-than-expected inflation and China’s industrial capacity limited by continued COVID lockdowns. Central banks must walk a fine line to tamp down inflation without sending the world into a recession. 

LBCFS ESG Model Portfolios

For investors looking to make an impact with their money, sustainable investing products could be the solution.

LBCFS Investment Guide

Seeing beyond numbers.

Registered Education Savings Plan Brochure

Invest in your child's future. Your guide to the Registered Education Savings Plan.

GICs: savings or investments?

During times of market volatility, a natural tendency for investors is a mindset shift from capital growth to capital preservation.

The potential impact of rising rates

As central banks continue to fight against inflation, an environment of rising short-term interest rates has caused the yield curve to invert, which could hurt the global economy.

Welcome to a Betterworld

Introducing our new ESG-led core equity boutique.

Feature Page - Mackenzie US All Cap Growth Fund

Durable growth stocks that can outperform in a variety of economic environments.

Feature Page - Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund

Responding to investors’ interest in the green economy.

LBCFS Model Portfolios

One of the most important strategies for achieving your long-term investing goals is diversification – spreading investment dollars across different types of funds based on your goals, needs, and risk tolerance.