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Mackenzie FuturePath USD US Core Fund

Access the world’s largest market, without foreign exchange effects.

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Mackenzie FuturePath Podcast Series

Hear from our experts on what’s happening in the markets, key announcements and product insights in this weekly podcast series built exclusively for Primerica.

Eliminate currency risk with true USD investing

A US dollar purchase option can expose investors to unwanted currency risk. A true US dollar fund eliminates that risk, using USD from purchase to redemption.


Investing 101

Our investor-friendly guide includes an explanation of economic markets, an overview of investment options, retirement planning, tips for saving and budgeting.

The advantages of bond funds over GICs

An explainer of how bonds have outperformed GICs over the long-term and why diversified portfolios of high-quality bonds typically bring higher returns than GICs.

Understanding mutual funds

A straightforward explanation of how mutual funds work, including their advantages, how they provide immediate diversification and how they may help your clients’ money grow.

The fixed income fundamentals series

Investor’s guide to market volatility

A concise look at why markets go up and down, how they have always recovered, and strategies for riding out volatility.

Understanding the basics of investing

The different types of investments available (and their costs), common financial terms explained and the lowdown on risk tolerance.

Understanding active management

A clear explanation of the differences between actively managed and passive investment funds, the advantages of actively managed investments, and the cost differences.