A holistic approach to quant investing

The Mackenzie Global Quantitative Equity Team believes a holistic approach to quantitative investing can enhance the opportunity for more consistent alpha across a wider array of market environments.

2024 Market Outlook

The investment and economic environments have changed considerably over the last 12 months. Elevated risks suggest that “safety first” is a good investment motto for the year ahead.

Long-term capital markets outlook

Mackenzie presents its 2024 Long-term Capital Markets Outlook, which provides our expectations for the average return for equities and fixed income over the coming decade.

Monthly Economic Update

Keep up to date with this month’s market review and outlook.

China at an economic crossroads: tailwinds become headwinds

China’s decades of construction- and manufacturing-fueled growth may be in jeopardy, as it's demographic advantages wane. The Mackenzie Bluewater Team believes investors must adapt to China’s evolving economic landscape as it embarks on a difficult transition.

Three emerging forces influencing the Great Energy Transition

John Cook offers his views on higher for longer interest rates, deglobalization and clean technology realism.

The Race for a Better EV Battery

In this Q2 Greenchip commentary update, John Cook and Greg Payne take a deep dive into batteries and its structure to understand opportunities and challenges in the sustainability space.

A quantitative approach to inefficient markets

Mackenzie’s Global Quantitative Equity team believes in a core style of investing that employs fundamental ideas through a disciplined, risk-aware investment approach in seeking to generate alpha within global markets.

The carbon calculation conundrum

Find out more about carbon emissions metrics and how they can be both helpful and harmful when making investment decisions.

Finding profitability in pursuit of Net Zero.

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge we face as a species. In the ambitious push for Canada to achieve Net Zero by 2050, investors are demanding more sustainable solutions from policymakers.