The untold truth behind ETFs

North American ETF heavyweights share their views
Tuesday May 18 at 1 pm ET (for advisors only)

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Fixed income

Mackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF (MKB)

Designed to achieve the best return while maintaining a risk profile expected from a quality bond portfolio.

Fixed income

Mackenzie Global Fixed Income Allocation ETF (MGAB)

Provides exposure to fixed income securities globally, diversified by sector, geography, credit quality, duration and currency, primarily by investing in fixed income ETFs.


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The Looming Pension Crisis Part V: Corporate Pension Plans

In this series, we have previously detailed the critical role that unsustainable defined benefit pension plans will have on the global retirement crisis, as aging demographics force pension plans to transition into a payout phase. 


Updates from our Chief Economist

May update: Canadians, keep an eye on the Fed


Canadian dollar 2021 forecast

From Brent Joyce, Investment Strategist & Justin Truong, Manager, Investment Strategy


Global macroeconomic update – April 2021

Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist, looks at why interest rates have paused in the US.

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All About Advice

Financial advisors can significantly impact your ability to accrue wealth. In fact, investors that rely on ongoing financial guidance are often worth nearly twice as much as those who prefer investing on their own.

Guide to Mackenzie Funds

Knowing which funds to invest in and how to make the best use of your time and money is crucial. But with the right tools and advice, you can easily pick the appropriate funds and keep close tabs on your investments.

Estate Planning

A solid plan is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. Estate Planning lets you determine how your assets will be managed and distributed among your beneficiaries. 

What's new


Updates from our Chief Economist

April update: Infrastructure: Promise and Pitfalls


Mackenzie Investments RRSP Guide

Get the most out of your RRSP


New Podcast: Increasing rates and what to expect from the government and economy

Featuring Dustin Reid, Chief Fixed Income Strategist.


Investment Executive: Pandemic revealed benefits of stock-picking

See how our active management drove fund performance in 2020.

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