2022 Mid-Year Outlook:
Economies recalibrated and what’s to come

With the worst of the pandemic largely behind us, the global economy has run hot, fuelled logistics issues and supply shortages for key inputs. Read our updated outlook to learn more about the trends that we see shaping the future of capital markets.


2022 Mid-Year Outlook: The Blue Book

The challenges have continued to stack up in 2022: war in Europe, higher-than-expected inflation and China’s industrial capacity limited by continued COVID lockdowns. Central banks must walk a fine line to tamp down inflation without sending the world into a recession. 

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2022 Mid-Year Outlook

Economies recalibrated and what’s to come

Halfway through 2022, it’s time for insights and foresights. Our experts, including Mackenzie’s co-CIO’s Lesley Marks and Steve Locke, will share their views with an eye towards helping your conversations with your clients. Register today.

Tuesday,  June 21 at 1 p.m. ET

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Over the last year, the financial position of many institutional investors has strengthened due to robust valuations. With longer-term returns expected to be lower than recently realized gains, institutional investors should consider adapting their strategic asset allocations to maintain their targets.


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