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Through our partnership with TOBAM, we are Canada’s only provider of the patented* Maximum Diversification® approach, a strong complement to your core portfolio.

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Improved long-term return potential

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Enhanced diversification for concentrated markets

It’s extremely difficult to forecast the future, which is why TOBAM believes diversification is your only bet and that to be truly diversified, you must look beyond portfolio weightings and consider the correlation of assets. Only then can you construct a portfolio that focuses on diversification.


TOBAM’s unique, research-driven approach provides a complement to traditional market cap-weighted index options by delivering enhanced diversification and improved long-term return potential.


Unconventional thought leaders

  • Led by mathematician, innovator and researcher Yves Choueifaty
  • Created the Diversification Ratio®, a pure measure of diversification
  • Believes in one thing:  if you cannot forecast, then the only rational solution when building portfolios is to diversify
  • 50+ investment professionals worldwide
  • 24 research professionals solely focused on diversification


Improved long-term return potential

  • Innovative approach aims to generate better risk-adjusted returns than the broad market
  • Aims to provide investors the opportunity to participate in market gains while avoiding significant losses when the market becomes too concentrated
  • Returns are expected to be more stable over time and higher in the long run than traditional market indexes


Proven portfolio complement

  • TOBAM builds portfolios of stocks that have low correlation to each other
  • Unique process offers superior diversification by spreading risk as evenly as possible across the portfolio to avoid concentration in a single bias or risk driver
  • A strong complement to any portfolio


About Yves Choueifaty

Yves Choueifaty is the President and Chief Investment Officer of TOBAM. A mathematician by background, he founded the Maximum Diversification® approach and TOBAM in 2005 after conducting extensive research. Prior to founding TOBAM, Yves was the CEO of Credit Lyonnais Asset Management.

Yves has been recognized as “Chief Investment Officer of the Year” (Funds Europe, 2015) and “Asset Management Leader of the Year” (AGEFI, 2016).

Thought Leader: Yves Choueifaty

Yves Choueifaty on understanding the value of Bitcoin

Yves Choueifaty, CIO of TOBAM, joins the Mackenzie Podcast to discuss his experience starting the first open-ended Bitcoin fund in 2017. He also explores the characteristics of a Bitcoin, and dispels some common myths.

Podcast: Yves Choueifaty, Founder and CIO of TOBAM

In this episode of Mackenzie Investments Podcast Series, Yves discusses his background, his development of the diversification ratio, how TOBAM integrates ESG principles and his admiration of Harry Markowitz.

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* U.S. Patent No. 7,958,038, Australia Patent No’s. AU 2008202607, AU2011201025

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