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Electronic Processing Agreement (EPA) Transaction Guide


First Home Savings Accounts (FHSA) at Mackenzie Investments


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2023 Winter newsletter

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Regulatory and service mailings to clients

View samples of letters sent to clients about their accounts

RESP contribution allocation guide

Get ready for tax season

Learn about important dates, deadlines and tax slip schedules.

Correcting RESP administrative errors

Expert Insights

Regulatory Roundup: Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Withdrawal

The following information will provide you with a guideline to the RDSP withdrawal process. 

Regulatory Roundup: TCR Enhancements

A timeline on TCR Enhancements. 

Regulatory Roundup: FATCA and CRS

The following information is intended to provide background information on the requirements for financial industry professionals regarding FATCA/CRS reporting requirements. This may assist you and your clients when investors have foreign tax reporting obligations.

Regulatory Roundup: CSA and SEC move forward towards T+1

Mackenzie is currently an active participant in various industry working groups on T+1 changes and how they impact the financial industry in Canada. We are closely monitoring the guidance from regulators and anticipating transitioning to T+1 within 2024 for our qualifying funds.

Dealer communication

Introducing the Mackenzie Emerging Markets ex-China Equity Fund

On April 25, Mackenzie will launch the Mackenzie Emerging Markets ex-China Equity Fund, which aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of companies in emerging markets, excluding China.

Mackenzie fund series closures

As part of our year-end activities, Mackenzie will be closing series of some funds that have been fully redeemed and are no longer offered under a simplified prospectus.

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AVP, Business Enablement & Industry Relations

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Senior Manager

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Account Manager

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Account Manager

Joe Riccio

Account Manager

Ani Saraphanian

Account Manager

Prajnya Anauth

Account Manager

Garner MacFarlane

Account Manager

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