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China’s economy continues to be a key driver of global growth. No longer reliant on exports, China is now a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship. With a focus on domestic growth, this dynamic economy is still under-owned by many investors.


Second largest economy in the world.1


Second largest equity and bond markets.2

400 million

Largest middle-class in the world.3


Average Canadian investors’ portfolio allocation to Chinese equities.4

< 0.4

Correlation to developed markets for both equities and bonds.5

> 3%

Chinese government bonds offer the highest yield among A+ rated issuers.6

Local expertise

Mackenzie is part of Power Corporation, one of China's earliest western business partners. As an industry pioneer, Power Corp. established the Canada China Business Council in 1978 to facilitate and promote business, trade and investment between the two countries.

ChinaAMC, one of the largest asset managers in China

Partnering locally to grow globally

As one of the leading asset managers in China that invests in the public equity and fixed-income markets, ChinaAMC’s on-the-ground expertise informs their rigorous investment process.

Mackenzie’s close partnership with ChinaAMC uniquely positions us to leverage the potential of the world’s second-largest economy.

Broad investment suite

Our wide selection of China investment solutions spans asset classes and styles, providing options for active or passive exposure.

Mackenzie ChinaAMC All China Equity Fund

Equity exposure to Chinese markets, both onshore and offshore, to capture future opportunities in China’s new economy.

Mackenzie ChinaAMC All China Bond Fund

China’s government and corporate fixed income markets may provide higher yields and low correlation compared to developed markets.

Mackenzie ChinaAMC Multi-Asset Fund

Single-ticket solution that seeks to capitalize on the opportunities in Chinese equities, while benefiting from the counterbalance that a maturing Chinese bond market provides.

Mackenzie China A-Shares CSI 300 Index ETF (QCH)

Passive exposure to the CSI 300 index, which is comprised of the 300 most liquid A-shares traded in China. It is the only Canadian-listed ETF that gives investors pure play exposure to China A-shares.

Expert insights and resources

An on-the-ground view of China

An on-the-ground view of China

On-the-ground perspective of China, how its equity and bond markets have evolved, and what are the long-term drivers of growth for this dynamic economy.

Podcast discussing current investment opportunities and challenges in China

Investing in China in the era of Common Prosperity

Mackenzie’s CEO, Luke Gould and China expert, Ying Du, discuss China’s Common Prosperity strategy and potential benefits for the economic growth.

Podcast discussing current investment opportunities and challenges in China

China: Unpacking the risk/return potential

ChinaAMC Portfolio Manager Richard Pan discusses his investment philosophy, and opportunities and challenges in China’s markets.


Open for business: Portfolio construction with China onshore bonds


Considerations for a stand-alone allocation to Chinese equities


China takes centre stage in emerging markets


China’s influence on international markets


China’s energy transformation

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