Sustainable investing education

Sustainable investing

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 


Why learn about sustainable investing?

73% of investors want to discuss sustainable investing

but less than one-third are having that conversation with their advisor.*

Climate change remains
the biggest concern for investors

This will be the greatest driver of growth for sustainable investing over the next two years.**

94% of investment managers in Canada are estimated to use ESG integration

Help your investors understand why this is an important part of the investment process.***

Understanding sustainable investing

Part 1: Starting the sustainable investing

To help begin conversations with your clients about sustainable investing, here’s a short set of questions that you can ask to gauge their interest.

Part 2: Continuing the sustainable investing

In this article, we explore the questions that clients are likely to ask advisors about sustainable investing.

Thought leadership insights

John Cook and Konstantin Boehmer on our 2023 Environmental Outlook

In this episode, our sustainability experts map out environmental investment opportunities from our Green Book. (in English only)

A look inside sustainable bonds

Konstantin Boehmer, SVP, Portfolio Manager, Co-Lead of Mackenzie Fixed Income Team offers a view into sustainable bonds, the various types and their growth. Learn more about our sustainable investing solutions.

Our latest insight articles

Our thought leaders and sustainability experts provide timely updates on trends, current market opportunities and identify any risks and challenges that will help you understand the sustainability landscape.

Renewable energy opportunities: public and private markets

Liquidity is often overlooked, but there is an interesting connection to this space.

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Why nuclear should be part of our energy future

Nuclear may now only be 10% of global generation. Despite economic and environmental challenges, find out why we believe we need nuclear to be part of our energy future.

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US Inflation Reduction Act – impact on sustainability

The Betterworld Team identified three areas of the IRA that complement its investment process.

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Explore to learn more

Sustainable Investing at Mackenzie

We’ve invested in better insights, leading technologies and dedicated expertise to develop competitive sustainable portfolios.

*2022 RiA Investor opinion survey.
**Climate change is an overwhelming concern for responsible investors —who also believe it is the greatest driver for growth over the next two years. (2022 RiA report).
***2022 Canadian RI Trends Report - Responsible Investment Association (

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