Our sustainable investing Centre of Excellence

Our sustainable investing team and principles

Established in 2020 to develop sustainable investing products, ESG research and advocacy, and corporate stewardship. 

Fate Saghir,

Head, sustainable investing

Jonas Cuypers,

ESG research and integration

Baris Ozyetis,

Sustainable investing solutions

Lisa Smith,

Investment operations

Nick Skorbinski,

Responsible investment

Our sustainable investing principles

We aspire to be a more purposeful organization. We believe that our role as an asset manager can have a significant impact in protecting our stakeholders and creating value for them — our clients, employees, shareholders, partners, communities and our planet. To achieve that, we adopt a set of principles:

1. Creating value

We prioritize creating value for our clients by achieving long-term risk-adjusted returns across a diversified investment shelf.

2. ESG factors

We continue to mandate our investment boutiques to integrate factors material to risk and return — this includes ESG factors, which we believe present financial risks and opportunities.

3. Company engagement

As long-term investors and stewards of capital, we believe in company engagement and proxy voting to promote good governance and management of material ESG issues.

4. Corporate governance

We believe that good corporate governance is a signal of quality management and that well-managed companies produce long-term, sustainable returns.

5. Values

We offer sustainable, thematic and impact solutions that generate returns while aiming to make a positive change for clients that want to align their values to their investments.

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