Sustainable Capabilities

Our sustainable investing principles

Our organization also adheres to a set of principles that guide our decisions:

1. Creating value

We prioritize creating value for our clients by achieving compelling long-term risk-adjusted returns across a diversified investment shelf.

2. Integrating material ESG factors

Our investment boutiques integrate factors material to risk and return. This includes ESG factors. We believe that material ESG factors present financial risks and opportunities.

3. Engaging companies and issuers

As long-term investors and stewards of capital, we believe in company and debt issuer engagement and proxy voting to promote good governance and management of material ESG issues. We prefer constructive engagement over divestment.

4. Aligning values

We offer sustainable core, thematic and impact solutions that aim to generate returns and meet the demands of clients who want to align their investments to their values.

5. Prioritizing advocacy

We believe that by aligning our internal and external efforts, we can make a greater impact on building a more sustainable future. We prioritize the following themes:

  • We believe good governance is a signal of competent management and that well-managed companies and debt issuers produce above-average long-term, sustainable returns.
  • We also recognize that climate-related physical and transitional risks have an impact on the value we can generate for our clients. 
  • And we advocate for diverse, equitable and inclusive companies and issuers that respect the rights of all humans and prioritize the best interests of their employees, clients and communities.

Our sustainable investing policies

Mackenzie’s Sustainable Investing policy

Read more to find out about the ESG factors that govern Mackenzie’s investment process.

Impact Report

Impact Report

Sustainable Core Equity Funds: Betterworld Canadian Equity Fund and Betterworld Global Equity Fund (Last update: November 2022)

2023 Environmental outlook

Our sustainability experts weigh in on the challenges and opportunities in the environmental space.  

Our sustainable investing team

Established in 2020 to develop sustainable investing products, ESG research and advocacy, and corporate stewardship. 

Fate Saghir,

Head, sustainable investing

Jonas Cuypers,

AVP, ESG research and integration

Baris Ozyetis,

AVP, Sustainable investing solutions

Lisa Smith,

AVP, Investment operations

Nick Skorbinski,

Senior Manager, Responsible investment

Rebecca Francolini,

Senior ESG Analyst

Patrick Doré,

Manager, Sustainable Solutions

Natasha Stromberg,

Director Sustainability & Adv Disclosure

Alyson Fuller,

Director, Sustainability Programs & Reporting

Aaryn Puccini,

Quantitative ESG Analyst

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