Creating a more inclusive investment world

A platform for equality

Mackenzie Together is a community platform dedicated to creating a more inclusive investment world by advancing women through education, financial security and career opportunities.


G. Weiss refused to accept the role the investment industry had written for her. Watch her full story above and join us in recognizing women who have challenged convention.

Stories of Challenge

Stories of Challenge features inspirational stories from women at Mackenzie Investments on leadership and life lessons learned.


Leisha Roche

“Even when it seems you don’t have a choice, you always have a choice.”


Lesley Marks

“Know your why — the purpose of what you do.”


Fate Saghir

"I'm going to prove you wrong."

How we’re fulfilling our commitment

Mackenzie Investments has been supporting the financial futures of Canadians for over 50 years. Mackenzie Together builds off that legacy and aligns with our brand purpose to create a more invested world, together.


Supporting advisors

Providing them with tools and resources to build more meaningful relationships with their female clients.


Creating financial security

Supporting low income women and their children through our Charitable Foundation.


Providing education

Producing financial education resources and workshops designed for female investors and their unique needs.


Building the pipeline

Encouraging more women to pursue a career in financial services and asset management.

Our People

While we recognize work still needs to be done, we are making progress in helping to increase the number of women joining our company and being promoted within, through focusing on our employee base and recruitment practices.


Women’s Empowerment Principles

We are a signatory of the United Nation’s Women’s Empowerment Principles aiming to increase the amount of women in senior leadership positions.


Gender Equality Partner in Action Group

This committee is made up of employee volunteers who are dedicated to advancing gender equality at Mackenzie by raising awareness and creating opportunities for employees to access mentorship, resources, and networking.


University Partnerships

We partner with several University business schools, to provide women entering finance with scholarships, work placements, mentorship and networking opportunities.

Our Programs and Partnerships

Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation

We support 8,000+ Canadian women and children annually through 31 partner charities. Mackenzie and its employees have donated $12.8 million since 1999 and have helped promote women’s financial literacy through workshops, networking events, scholarships and mentoring.

Diversity & Inclusion

We work with expert organizations to help us become a more inclusive and diverse workplace. They provide us with best practice research, consulting, learning and development, as well as providing Mackenzie’s female employees with networking and professional development opportunities.

Women In Sport

Mackenzie has been supporting women in sport for over 25 years, particularly in skiing. We provide financial support and education to female athletes on and off the hill. We currently sponsor Olympians Brittany Phelan and Georgia Simmerling and Olympic hopeful Rachael Karker. 

Georgia Simmerling

Olympic Bronze Medalist in Track Cycling and the only female in Canada to go to three different Olympic games for three different sports

Our Products

We have developed products that promote female empowerment, such as the Mackenzie Global Women’s Leadership Fund, which invests only in companies committed to gender diversity and women in leadership. It gives investors the opportunity to benefit from the improved performance of more diverse companies. We’re also creating training modules to help advisors across the country to better meet women’s financial needs and to help companies build their roster of female advisors and clientele. 


Mackenzie Global Women’s Leadership Fund


Mackenzie Global Leadership Impact ETF