New retiree realities call for new retirement portfolios

Mackenzie Investments’ new proprietary retirement experience can help.

Introducing Retirement RE: Constructed

Retirement offers a massive opportunity for advisors: $3.7 trillion (two-thirds of Canadians’ financial wealth) is controlled by retirees or near-retirees. This is forecast to reach $6.4 trillion by 2030.1

Our proprietary experience helps you tap into that opportunity by matching investors’ top six retirement needs with a corresponding Mackenzie Investments solution and expert.

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Our proprietary research shows clients have six key needs when it comes to their retirement. Start by identifying your client’s needs from the list below. 

RE: Frame the retirement conversation

71% of Canadians don’t know what to expect when they retire.2 We can help.

RE: Evaluate the retirement income stream

66% of retired Canadians are not confident about where their retirement income will come from.3 We can help.

RE: Think retirement tax planning

78% of retired Canadians are not confident about managing their taxes once retire​d.4 We can help.

RE: Examine retirement estate and legacy planning

46% of investors want estate and legacy planning support from their advisor.5 We can help.

RE: Construct the retirement income portfolio

71% of Canadians think retirement investments should be safe, not grow.6 Now they don’t need to choose. 

RE: Master retirement education

90% of retired clients will consolidate their assets with one advisor.7 We can help you be the consolidator. 

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7 Advisor’s Edge: Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios offer a managed solution for a smoother investor experience.


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