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No two investors are exactly alike, with differing investment goals and risk tolerances. Mackenzie is committed to providing advisors the tools they need to help build robust portfolios to meet each client’s distinctive needs.

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Mackenzie Greenchip Global Environmental All Cap Fund

Mackenzie Bluewater Canadian Growth Fund

The value of diverse thinking

There’s more than one path to successful investing. The different approaches of our investment boutiques reflect the variety of investors’ investing goals. Each team draws upon the full resources of Mackenzie in pursuit of their investment philosophy for the benefit of all our investors.

Sub-advisors and strategic partners

We leverage the strength of our strategic partners and third-party investment managers to provide access to top-tier expertise in specific asset classes.

ETFs designed with you in mind

Canadians have their own unique ways to be invested. We provide ETFs that are designed specifically for the Canadian investor, to help them achieve their goals.

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