Mackenzie Greenchip Team

We believe that demographic changes, resource scarcity and environmental degradation are not only creating an historic investment opportunity for investors, but also significant investment risks for those overly exposed to the wrong side of the Great Energy Transition.

John Cook and Greg Payne

Team Co-Leads

Philosophy and process

The Mackenzie Greenchip Team believes that as resource and environmental issues become more challenging, prices will be forced to adjust and strong “blue chip” companies operating in the green economy will be in great demand. Having focused exclusively on environmental sectors for over a decade, we have a deep knowledge of these sectors and are confident that through our sustainability thesis, combined with a proven value discipline, we can continue to pursue superior returns for our investors. We apply intensive due diligence and only hold stocks when we see significant discounts to intrinsic value.

Portfolio Managers

John A. Cook, CIM

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Investor Engagement, Team Co-Lead
Mackenzie Greenchip Team

Investment experience since 1991

John Cook, Senior Vice President, is a Portfolio Manager, responsible for Investor Engagement and Team Co-Lead with the Mackenzie Greenchip Team.

John’s career in the investment industry began in 1991. He was President of Greenchip Financial Corp. since it was founded in 2007 and became part of Mackenzie Investments in 2021. Prior to Greenchip, John led corporate development at one of Canada’s largest innovation hubs. He has also held a number of executive positions at Canadian mutual fund companies.

John holds a BA from Queen's University and the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation.

Gregory Payne, PhD, CFA

Senior Vice-President, Portfolio Manager, Team Co-Lead
Mackenzie Greenchip Team

Investment experience since 1999

Gregory Payne, Senior Vice-President, Investment management, is a Portfolio Manager and Team Co-Lead with the Mackenzie Greenchip Team.

Greg’s career in the investment industry began in 1999 with over a decade focused exclusively on environmental sectors. Prior to joining the Greenchip team, Greg held several roles with increasing responsibilities within the portfolio management team for a large capital management firm with over $200 million of retail and institutional client assets.

Greg holds a BSc from the University of Western Ontario, and both an MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Toronto. He is also a CFA charterholder.



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