Mackenzie Ivy Team

Meeting long-term goals with long-term thinking
We aim to achieve long-term growth through careful and patient investment. Refined over 30 years, our approach to investing is time-tested and trusted, protecting capital and helping investors reach their long-term goals.

A 10-year view

We look for companies that are positioned to perform over the next decade, not just the next quarter. We target businesses that are likely to have steady earnings thanks to their proven products and services, ability to innovate, and strong leadership as we believe this allows us to generate more consistent returns.

Quality that lasts

Through rigorous research and analysis, we identify high-quality companies that can endure, driven by competitive advantages and strong corporate cultures. We curate a watchlist of hundreds of global stocks, waiting for the right opportunity at the right price.

Seeking growth with less volatility

Managing downside risk is a key part of growth. Our disciplined and patient approach aims to smooth the investment journey. By striving to outperform in down markets and participate enough in bull markets, we expect to achieve above-average compound returns over a full market cycle.

Meet our team

Matt Moody, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2005; investment experience since 1999

  • After 17 years as a portfolio manager on the team, in September 2022 Matt was named head of the Mackenzie Ivy Team.
  • Specializes in European equities.
  • He previously held various investment research and analyst roles for four years at a leading mutual fund firm.
  • BBA; International MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University

Hussein Sunderji, MBA, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2013; investment experience since 2007

  • Specializes in global equities
  • Worked as an equity research associate at two Canadian bank-owned investment dealers for four years, covering the retail, consumer products and technology sectors
  • BSc in Computer Science; MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

James Morrison, MBA, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2014; investment experience since 2005

  • Specializes in Canadian equities
  • Worked as an investment banking associate and equity research analyst at an independent investment dealer focused on institutional and corporate clients
  • BBA; MBA in Finance from Dalhousie University

Adam Gofton, CFA

Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2013; investment experience since 2007

  • Specializes in global equities
  • Worked as a research associate analyst for three years at a global investment bank
  • BComm from Queen’s University

Jason Miller, MBA, CFA

AVP, Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2016; investment experience since 2008

  • Specializes in European equities
  • Worked as an investment analyst for five years at an investment management firm, and two years at an equity research company
  • BSc in Engineering; MBA in Finance, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Marlena Zabielska, CFA

AVP, Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Ivy Team

Joined Mackenzie in 2021; investment experience since 2012

  • Specializes in Canadian equities
  • Prior to joining Mackenzie, was a portfolio manager overseeing $3 billion in long-only equity assets at an independent investment management firm
  • Honours BA from Ivey School of Business, Western University.

Our insights

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The Ivy Team’s overall investment philosophy centres on the belief that a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses, bought at reasonable prices, will deliver strong, long-term, above-average returns.

Ivy Quarterly Report

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