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Weekly Market Snapshot: For the week ending June 2, 2023

From Justin Truong, Senior Manager, Investment Strategy.

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Monthly macro and markets update

Mackenzie economists shine a spotlight on the latest market and global economic trends.

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Monthly Economic Update

Keep up to date with this month’s market review and outlook.

White Papers

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More money is coming your way.

The Mackenzie Resource Team looks at investing in gold as monetary policy increases the money supply

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 4

Our Fixed Income team provides an updated analysis of US public pension plans since the pandemic.

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Thinking differently about growth versus value

After a prolonged period of outperformance of growth stocks dating back to the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, there are finally strong signs that the tide is turning in favour of value stocks.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 3

Our Fixed Income team analyzes ability of U.S state public pension progams to deal with their challenges.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 2

Our Fixed Income team looks at the ability of governments to deal with their pension challenges.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 1

Our Fixed Income team considers the underlying reasons why they see a pension crisis on the horizon.


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