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Money From Around The World
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The table is set for commodity currencies

Surging demand for manufactured goods has driven the prices of energy and industrial materials to highs not seen since the early 2010s.

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Canada’s next monetary policy framework

As the BoC considers replacing its inflation-control target and monetary policy framework, what could this change mean for markets and the economy?

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Canada’s federal election through a macro lens

While the campaign remains in its early innings, the electoral race looks more unsettled than just a few weeks ago.

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The impact of low interest rates on retirement

Todd Mattina and Jules Boudreau share ideas about long-term asset allocation in a low interest rate environment.

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Are central banks “borrowing” from MMT?

Jules Boudreau discusses and compares current policy reactions to that of Modern Monetary Theory.

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Yields, liquidity and asset prices

Todd Mattina discusses how shifting asset yields and liquidity conditions impact multi-asset portfolios.

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Asset allocation for tomorrow’s uncertain economy

Todd Mattina explains why traditional 60/40 portfolios may generate lower returns in the decade ahead.

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Economic scenarios in the post-pandemic world

Todd Mattina looks at investor sentiment and economist forecasts since the quarantine.

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Rebound from the lockdown

Todd Mattina provides an economic update and explains why financial markets appear optimistic despite the slowdown.

Insights from our investment experts

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Weekly Market Snapshot: For the week ending September 9, 2022

From Justin Truong, Senior Manager, Investment Strategy.

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Monthly Market Matters - August

Summer rally reverses course in the back half of August amid a resurgence in bond yields.


2021 in review: Stocks to the moon!

In a year filled with uncertainty, equity markets defied expectations, many soaring to all-time highs as the economic recovery roared on.

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Our long-term capital markets expectations and outlook

Our annual Orange Book, which includes key economic data and long-term capital market assumptions from Mackenzie’s Multi-Asset Strategy Team.

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Update from the Symmetry Desk: 2020 US Presidential Election

Paul Taylor, Multi-Asset Strategies Team, shares an update on the economic and market implications of the US election.

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Monthly macro and markets update

Mackenzie economists, Todd Mattina and Jules Boudreau, shine a spotlight on the latest market and global economic trends.

White Papers

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All Things Being Equal

An ‘equal risk contribution’ approach to portfolio construction

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More money is coming your way.

The Mackenzie Resource Team looks at investing in gold as monetary policy increases the money supply

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 4

Our Fixed Income team provides an updated analysis of US public pension plans since the pandemic.

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Thinking differently about growth versus value

After a prolonged period of outperformance of growth stocks dating back to the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, there are finally strong signs that the tide is turning in favour of value stocks.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 3

Our Fixed Income team analyzes ability of U.S state public pension progams to deal with their challenges.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 2

Our Fixed Income team looks at the ability of governments to deal with their pension challenges.

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The Looming Pension Crisis: Part 1

Our Fixed Income team considers the underlying reasons why they see a pension crisis on the horizon.


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