Are liquid alternative funds suitable for you?

As liquid alternative funds become increasingly available to both advisors and investors, it is important to recognize that liquid alternatives may not be appropriate for all investors.

Broadly speaking, liquid alternatives fit well with investors who are focused on specific outcomes over the medium to long term, such as improving risk-adjusted returns and achieving greater portfolio diversification.

Keep in mind that liquid alternatives are sophisticated and highly complex investment vehicles, so you need professionals with proven expertise to invest in them on your behalf. Mackenzie Investments has a team of portfolio managers and asset allocation specialists with significant experience in the world of liquid alternatives. This team has the responsibility to make alternative assets and strategies available to retail investors in a convenient and fully regulated mutual funds structure.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential benefits of liquid alternatives, talk to your financial advisor to see if a liquid alternative mutual fund may be suitable for your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, financial objectives and other important investment criteria. Your advisor can also help determine how much exposure to liquid alternative investments is appropriate for your specific circumstances.