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Mackenzie Corporate Class wind-up

On July 30, 2021, we will wind up Mackenzie Financial Capital Corporation, including its suite of 34 corporate class funds. Each terminating corporate class fund will be merged into its corresponding trust fund equivalent on a tax deferred basis.  Where no corresponding trust fund currently exists, one will be launched.

This decision reflects changing market and regulatory environments, which have reduced the tax-efficiency benefits of corporate class structures in Canada. Mackenzie’s corporate class is in a taxable position and is expected to remain so. As such, we believe that winding-up the corporation is in the best interests of our investors.

For more details of the wind-up and what it means to you and your clients, please see below for a list of impacted funds and helpful resources including a detailed Q&A (coming soon) document for advisors.

Key takeaways




Same portfolio management team and expertise


Fees the same or lower


No action required for investors


Substantially similar investment objectives

The following lists the corporate class funds that are being closed.

Terminated Funds

Mackenzie Canadian Dividend Class

Mackenzie Ivy International Class

Mackenzie Canadian Equity Class

Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Canada Index Class**

Mackenzie Canadian Growth Balanced Class

Mackenzie Precious Metals Class**

Mackenzie Canadian Growth Class

Mackenzie Private Canadian Focused Equity Pool Class

Mackenzie Canadian Small Cap Class

Mackenzie Private Global Equity Pool Class

Mackenzie Cundill Canadian Security Class

Mackenzie Private Income Balanced Pool Class

Mackenzie Cundill Value Class

Mackenzie Private US Equity Pool Class

Mackenzie Emerging Markets Class*

Mackenzie Strategic Income Class*

Mackenzie Global Growth Class**

Mackenzie US Growth Class**

Mackenzie Global Resource Class

Mackenzie US Small-Mid Cap Growth Class**

Mackenzie Global Small-Mid Cap Equity Class

Mackenzie US Small-Mid Cap Growth Currency Neutral Class**

Mackenzie Gold Bullion Class**

Symmetry Balanced Portfolio Class

Mackenzie Ivy Canadian Balanced Class

Symmetry Conservative Income Portfolio Class*

Mackenzie Ivy European Class**

Symmetry Conservative Portfolio Class*

Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Class*

Symmetry Equity Portfolio Class**

Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Currency Neutral Class**

Symmetry Growth Portfolio Class

Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced Class

Symmetry Moderate Growth Portfolio Class

* Closed to new purchases (hard capped classes)

**New Funds that will be launched in July to enable the Corporate Class merger to be executed.

Helpful resources

For more information on the closure of our corporate class structure, contact your Mackenzie Sales representative.

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