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Why you need US equities in your portfolio

The US is known to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. By investing in US companies, your portfolio immediately gains exposure to a wider range of some of the biggest and most dynamic, fastest-growing companies in the world.

Mackenzie Investments Podcast Series

Portfolio Managers, Richard Bodzy and Greg McCullough, discuss their thematic approach to investing and how they seek out companies with the ability to sustain above-market growth rates in most macroeconomic environments.

Asset Class US Equity

Mackenzie US All Cap Growth Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in growth stocks domiciled in the US
  • Access a range of companies at different stages of a company's life cycle from small, mid-sized to mature companies
  • Aims to capture growth at different stages of a company’s life cycle

Formerly known as Mackenzie US Large Cap Growth Fund

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Richard Bodzy, MBA

Portfolio Manager

Putnam Investments Inc.

Investment experience since 2004

Gregory D. McCullough, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Putnam Investments Inc.

Investment experience since 2008



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