Your tax & estate partner for every phase of business ownership

Insights and strategies to help you navigate the complexities of owning a business.

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Your tax & estate partner in business ownership

As markets, investment needs, and even tax & estate planning considerations evolve, many Canadians are finding business ownership more complex than ever. We offer tax & estate solutions, insights, and tools for every phase of business ownership.

Five phases of business ownership

Part 1: Deciding on a business structure

Choose a business structure that meets your needs and is right for your unique situation.

Part 2: Earning income in a corporation

Review the tax implications of your business and investment income. Build tax efficient wealth strategies into your corporation.

Part 3: Pre-retirement planning

Use your corporation to build a retirement plan.

Part 4: Succession and Estate Planning

Create a succession plan to maximize inheritable assets, while reducing conflict amongst beneficiaries.

Part 5: Minimizing double taxation after death

Create a tax efficient estate plan that reduces taxes and maximizes inheritances for your beneficiaries.

Insights and Resources

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