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Build Your Career at Mackenzie Investments

At Mackenzie Investments, we empower our employees to build their careers with confidence. Meet some of the people behind our success and learn more about Mackenzie Investments.

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VOICEOVER: Most people never reach the point of being excited or challenged by their career.

At Mackenzie, we’re different. We challenge how business is conducted in our industry each and every day.

We are Educators. Our strength lies in our ability to bring together the best group of people and harness their collective knowledge to help advisors and investors make the best decisions for their future.

This is just the beginning. We are building the solutions that force the market to react, and advisors and investors to choose us because we’re the best choice for them.

Mackenzie is the place where you can have that kind of impact.

At Mackenzie, you can build your career with Confidence.

Change the Game

Mackenzie has a vision and a strategy that will challenge and lead the way business in this industry is done and help Canadians be successful in the ways that mean the most to them.

Join an Unbeatable Team

At Mackenzie, we build teams that look out for each other, ask the best of each other, and deliver their finest work.

Make a Smarter World

We believe in learning all we can, understanding what is most important, and sharing the benefits of that knowledge.

Be Proud

At Mackenzie, you will do some of your best work, develop some of your most valuable skills, and give back in ways that make a difference in the lives of Canadians.

Learn and Grow

We offer an environment where you can indulge your curiosity to learn, getting the challenges and feedback you need to refine your skills and abilities.

Enjoy Greater Opportunity

At Mackenzie and with IGM Financial, there are many ways to build your career.

Thrive in a Supportive Environment

We have created a workplace where your efforts and career are supported by your team and your leader.

Diversity & Inclusion

At IGM/Mackenzie Investments/Investors Group, advancing diversity and inclusion (D&I) is one of the strategic priorities of our organization. We view diversity and inclusion in the broadest sense and understand that it is continually evolving in the changing world around us. Our journey is genuine, our commitment is on-going and our progress is rooted in learning along the way. Our Vision is to be known as a leading, contemporary organization, driven by diverse and inclusive leadership, that enables everyone to feel included, respected and valued. We take pride in the fact that our practices, policies and approaches, related to our valued colleagues and work, are inclusive and engaging to all. We also recognize the need and value to continuously grow and evolve in this area.