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Media Guide: Mackenzie Investments Market Commentary Spokesperson Availability

Need a quote or a fresh perspective on things? Mackenzie has some of Canada’s top macro-economic commentators 

TORONTO, March 24, 2022 – Canadian financial advisors and investors are facing new economic realities and an evolving investment landscape as the world rebounds from the COVID-19 pandemic. 2022 will bring new sets of challenges and opportunities for investors and their adaptability will greatly be affected by how capital markets respond to the aftershocks of the pandemic- and fresh challenges from around the world, including geo-political tensions and inflation.

Mackenzie Investments has a diverse team of knowledgeable experts available to provide insight and commentary on a wide variety of relevant investing related topics and areas, including:

  • Portfolio construction and management strategies
  • Domestic and international equities markets
  • Fixed income trends and how the bond markets are performing
  • Inflation, currencies (including the Canadian dollar) and economic growth data

Mackenzie Spokespeople Who Are Available Include:

Jules Boudreau, Economist (Bilingual)

Jules is responsible for providing in-depth economic analysis and investment research. He develops and delivers presentations on the global economic outlook and financial markets to Mackenzie’s clients. The following are just a few of the areas Jules can provide insight on:

  • Unique trends in Quebec’s economy and politics including key sectors, fiscal policy, and provincial growth and inflation
  • Canadian economy with a focus on the Bank of Canada
  • Analysis of global economies, stock markets and currencies
  • Multi-asset investment and allocation strategies

Brent Joyce, Investment Strategist

Brent focuses on general macro investment strategy and is responsible for providing insights into current capital market and economic conditions for Mackenzie’s clients and investment partners.  Brent can speak to a wide variety of topics, including:

  • The global outlook for equity and fixed income markets
  • Macroeconomic trends and data impacting stocks and bonds
  • Currencies and oil prices
  • Movement of major equity sectors and sector themes

Steve Locke, Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies

Steve leads a team of approximately 70 investment professionals who specialize in institutional and retail fixed income and multi-asset mandates at Mackenzie Investments. Steve is also Chair of Mackenzie’s Global Investment Committee. Topics Steve can speak to include:

  • Insight on global fixed income markets and trends, including perspectives on government debt, investment grade corporate bonds, and higher yielding public and private credit markets
  • Economic data analysis and macroeconomic policies
  • Perspective on interest rate movements as it relates to direction, central banks’ policies, Canadian dollar and G7 FX rates, and pricing of inflation expectations
  • Portfolio strategies for balancing risk and protecting portfolios against market volatility
  • Global investment strategies

Lesley Marks, Chief Investment Officer, Equities

Lesley oversees a team of over 100 investment professionals who are involved in the day-to-day management of Mackenzie Investments’ funds across 12 the firm’s 13 equity boutiques. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Outlook and strategies for navigating equity markets in multiple geographies
  • Economic data analysis
  • Perspective on interest rate movements as it relates to direction, central bank policy, Canadian dollar, and Commodities
  • Major market events including corrections, geopolitical shifts, and policy and political updates
  • Broad sector commentary
  • Asset allocation
  • Equity market trends and broader capital market themes

Todd Mattina, Chief Economist and Co-Lead of the Multi-Asset Strategies Team

Todd leverages his economic and financial markets knowledge to provide skillful analysis and detailed investment models to Mackenzie’s investment management team. He co-leads the Multi-Asset Strategies team in delivering multi-asset, equity and currency solutions to individual and institutional clients. Topics Todd can speak to include:

  • Insights on global macroeconomic data, trends and themes
  • Domestic and global developments from economic growth and inflation expectations to financial markets
  • Perspective on global macro policy including Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada and global fiscal positions
  • Asset allocation strategies in different geographies including global equities, fixed income and the Canadian dollar 
  • International economic policy decisions involving IMF, World Bank and other multilateral organizations 

To set up an interview with any of these individuals, please contact:

English Media Inquiries: 

Hilary Bassett

French Media Inquiries:

Lara Berguglia 

About Mackenzie Investments

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