Mackenzie Precision by CapIntel – FAQ

Mackenzie Precision by CapIntel – FAQ

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  • How do I create a comparison?

    If comparing individual holdings or funds – use the search bar to bring in the investments into a comparison. If comparing a portfolio, create a portfolio using the Create Client Portfolio button on the home page.

  • Can I compare portfolios?

    Yes – you can build a portfolio and compare it to anything in the CapIntel investment universe.

  • How do I build a portfolio?
    • Click the create portfolio from the home screen or comparison screen. Name the portfolio and then add the investments with their allocations by either $ amount or %.
    • Upload a CSV file with your favorite portfolio
  • How many investments can I compare at a time?

    You can have up to 30 in a comparison. However, there is a maximum of 4 or 6 you can export in a proposal depending on the template. 

  • How do you save a comparison?

    You can’t save a comparison at this time.