Retirement rewired, with your retirement partner.

Between changing demographics, low yields and increased volatility, retirement has changed. Isn’t it time the planning changed too?

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Your partner in navigating the new retirement reality.

Many Canadians are finding retirement more complex than ever, as their priorities, investment needs, and even tax planning considerations evolve in this new life stage. Mackenzie offers retirement solutions, insights, and tools for the new retirement reality.

Infographic: The New Retirement Reality

Retiree insights every advisor should know

Retirement Leaders

We think differently about retirement. Advisors who work with us have access to the investment expertise and insight they need to address the new retirement reality.

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Retirement Income Solutions

We offer a broad range of retirement income investment options, including our Monthly Income Portfolios, and the portfolio construction expertise to help you put it all together.

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Retirement Education

The Mackenzie Institute offers workshops, actionable tools and tips, and investor-friendly content to support your retirement conversations.

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Retirement Resources


Monthly Income Portfolios: 2020 year in review

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Your Retirement Planning Guide

Infographic: The New Retirement Reality

Investment Solutions

About Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios

Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios Snapshot

Mackenzie Income Fund Snapshot

Mackenzie Strategic Income Fund Snapshot

Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund Snapshot

Tax & Estate Planning

Mackenzie’s Retirement Income Planner Worksheet

Converting Your RRSP to a RRIF

Understanding Pension Income Amounts

Income Splitting Strategies

How a trust can safeguard your family’s wealth

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