Planning for Retirement

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2020 Retirement Reality Check

Read our 2020 report for a comprehensive overview of the new retirement realities Canadians are facing

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The new retirement reality

Share our new infographic that helps illustrate a new approach for retirement planning


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Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios

See how our Monthly Income Portfolios can help address the challenges Canadians are facing in retirement.


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How the sequence of returns can impact your retirement savings

See some scenarios that help illustrate the risk of running out of savings during retirement.

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Tax strategies for converting your clients RRSP to RRIF

Get an overview of how you can convert your clients' RRSP accounts into RRIF accounts.


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Retirement Income Planner Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you plan a tax-smart income strategy that optimizes your clients' government benefits.

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Understanding pension income amounts

This document can help your clients' with the pension income tax credit, how it may affect their retirement income and how to qualify for it.

Estate Planning

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2020 Estate Planning Quick Reference Guide

Use this quick reference guide to help your clients with estate planning

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2020 Executor Checklist

Share this checklist with an executor to help them fulfill their duties