Active and diversified:
our low-cost, all-in-one portfolios

Active and diversified:
our low cost, all-in-one

Mackenzie ETF Portfolios

Why Mackenzie ETF Portfolios?

Mackenzie ETF Portfolios provide actively managed, diversified investment exposure, and access to an experienced investment team with an institutional-quality approach to asset allocation and risk management. The portfolios offer the cost efficiency of ETFs with the convenience of mutual funds in a single-fund core solution.

Active management

The Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team oversees the portfolios using sophisticated techniques to ensure you’re well positioned to stay ahead of evolving market conditions.

Diversification made easy

Within a single solution, the portfolios provide access to a broad range of asset classes, investment approaches, geographies, sectors and more.

Low cost

The portfolios invest in a diverse range of ETFs to gain the exposures you need, while helping to minimize fees.

How clients benefit

One of the keys to successful investing is diversification. Nelson Arruda, Head of the Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team, explains how our ETF Portfolios provide active management and diversification for a lower cost.

An option for every investor

Our ETF Portfolios are designed to meet your investment goals and risk tolerance. 

These asset allocations represent the Fund’s strategic long term asset mix, however, they may change over time.

Insights and education


At a glance

Find the details of each ETF Portfolio, including geographic allocation, portfolio characteristics and performance.


Quarterly fund review

A detailed look at how the ETF Portfolios performed in the previous quarter, including commentary from the portfolio managers.


Investor questionnaire

Our risk tolerance questionnaire helps you determine which ETF Portfolio is right for your client.


Feature page

An overview of how the portfolios work and how they are managed, plus fund codes and fees.


Delivering portfolio outcomes
with next generation thinking

Drawing on deep institutional experience, the team builds modern portfolios designed for specific investment objectives, whatever the future may bring. 

More managed solutions

Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios

As investors approach retirement, they still need growth, as well as predictable long-term income. Mackenzie Monthly Income Portfolios can smooth the way for investors seeking stable income.

Symmetry Portfolios

Symmetry Portfolios combine expert asset allocation with sophisticated design. The result is a suite of flexible solutions that are fully integrated and meticulously managed for risk.

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