Asset Class Global Fixed Income

Mackenzie Global Green Bond Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Allows investors to support companies in environmentally focused sectors, such as clean or renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management by owning green bonds, which are used to finance projects in these sectors
  • Free to roam the global fixed income universe to seek the best risk-adjusted opportunities by credit quality, duration, interest-rate environment, sector and currency
  • The Mackenzie Fixed Income team has several years of experience with ESG investing and utilizes a proprietary process to identify risks and uncover opportunities in both corporate and sovereign debt around the globe.

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Konstantin Boehmer, MBA

SVP, Co-Lead of Fixed Income Team, Head of Global Macro, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 2003

Steve Locke, MBA, CFA

SVP, CIO of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies, Co-Lead of Fixed Income Team

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1994



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