Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund

The same 'go anywhere' global impact of the Fund is also available in an ETF.

Sustainable Investing and Fixed Income

Why invest in sustainable bonds? As the world changes, investors are demanding solutions from both companies and governments that better reflect their values.

Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond ETF

Featuring a low risk profile and investment grade bonds, this solution is suitable for most Canadian investors' portfolios.

Asset Class Global Fixed Income

Mackenzie Global Sustainable Bond Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Provides a broad selection of global sustainable corporate credit and sovereign debt, combining ESG labeled debt with issuers who exhibit strong ESG characteristics, with the aim of providing greater diversification for investor portfolios.
  • This fund invests in sustainable debt from global issuers, which are generally investment grade, and carries a low-risk rating.
  • Gain access to green bonds, social bonds, sustainability-linked bonds and other forms of debt that aim to fuel a sustainable future

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Konstantin Boehmer, MBA

SVP, Co-Lead of Fixed Income Team, Head of Global Macro, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 2003

Steve Locke, MBA, CFA

SVP, CIO of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies, Co-Lead of Fixed Income Team

Mackenzie Fixed Income Team

Investment experience since 1994



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