The benefits of accessible private credit funds

Why you should consider a private credit strategy

Fixed income high yields have been increasingly difficult to come by, without taking on increased risk. Many investors are turning to alternative ways to try and secure high-yield fixed income investments while still maintaining acceptable risk levels in their portfolios.

Private credit typically offers much higher yield than traditional fixed income.

Private credit funds — which involve non-bank lending to private companies — are fixed income alternatives that are designed to deliver superior yield, capital preservation and enhanced diversification potential.

Private credit has traditionally been difficult to access because of large minimum investment requirements and long lock-up periods. Minimum investments have historically been in the millions of dollars, while lock-up periods can be anywhere from three to 10 years. The Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund, however, delivers the potential benefits of private credit without these obstacles.

Why the Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund

Our fund delivers the potential benefits of private lending that were previously available only to institutional investors. This alternative fixed income investment combines attractive performance and yield potential with investor-friendly innovation and expert oversight.

Strong yield and return potential

Our fund focuses on the private loan market, which has historically offered attractive yield and total return, and will invest in an underlying private credit fund that is leveraged with the aim of boosting performance.

Exceptional levels of due diligence and lender safeguards are expected to deliver improved capital preservation potential compared to other high-yield fixed income investments (like high-yield bonds). By accessing private lending, our private credit fund opens up new investment options that can help improve your portfolio’s diversification.

Convenient structure

Our fund is a best-of-both-worlds solution that combines the benefits of private credit exposure with enhanced accessibility. The convenient structure provides eligible investors with access to private credit with a low minimum investment requirement and far greater liquidity than traditional private credit investments.

Access to private credit funds expertise

Northleaf Capital Partners is a global private markets investment firm, whose products are available to accredited individual investors through Mackenzie. Northleaf has the unique expertise and partnership relationships necessary to source and acquire attractive lending opportunities.

How it works

Managed by Mackenzie’s Fixed Income Team, in partnership with Northleaf Capital Partners, our private credit fund is primarily comprised of Northleaf’s Senior Private Credit - Levered fund and Mackenzie’s Fixed Income ETFs.

By adding publicly traded corporate bonds and loans into the mix (through our ETFs), our fund is able to deliver both liquidity and the superior yield potential of private credit.

Our fund will make variable quarterly distributions comprised of income generated from the underlying investments.

Find out more by reading our guide to investing in private credit.

And you can learn more about the fund on the Mackenzie Northleaf Private Credit Fund page


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