Mackenzie Portfolio Solutions Team

Our focus is on minimizing the amount of risk required in order to achieve a desired goal.

Les Grober

Senior Vice President, Head of Team

Funds under management

Exclusive to institutional mandates

Philosophy and process

The Portfolio Solutions Team adheres to a process of allocating risk across a broad spectrum of asset classes and geographies in an effort to minimize the amount of risk required to achieve a desired goal. Our portfolios follow a disciplined investment process which combines an objective asset allocation framework with rigorous manager due diligence and a strong emphasis on portfolio construction. Dynamic asset allocation is used to adjust between equities and fixed income when financial markets dislocate from underlying economic fundamentals. We believe that by focusing on managing overall portfolio volatility we can potentially smooth out the return path and aim to deliver a more consistent portfolio experience over the long run.

Portfolio Managers

Les Grober, B.A. Econ, M.A. Econ., CFA

Senior Vice President, Head of Portfolio Solutions
Mackenzie Portfolio Solutions Team

Investment experience since 1994

Les Grober, Senior Vice President, Investment Management, is Head of the Mackenzie Portfolio Solutions Team.

Les brings over 25 years’ experience in asset management to his role as Head of Portfolio Solutions for Mackenzie Investments. Before joining Mackenzie in November 2017, Les was Head of Asset Allocation at Investors Group since 2014. As Senior Vice-President, Head of Portfolio Solutions, Les is responsible for managing all four Managed Risk Portfolio Solutions totally over $16 billion for Investors Group clients. In addition, Les works with the IG Consultant network to increase its focus on asset allocation solutions and strategies for clients and prospects. Since joining Mackenzie Investments, he has also been a member of Mackenzie Investments Global Investment Committee.

Les has a MA in Economics from the University of Reading in England and a BA in Economics from York University. He is also a CFA charterholder.

Fred Wang, CFA, FSA, FCIA, FRM

Associate Portfolio Manager
Mackenzie Portfolio Solutions Team

Investment experience since 2007

Fred Wang is an Associate Portfolio Manager on the Mackenzie Portfolio Solutions Team managing IG Managed Risk Portfolios.

Fred joined Mackenzie Investments in 2017, having previously worked as Senior Quantitative Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager at major financial management firm, responsible for quantitative research, portfolio construction and manager selection. He has also worked as an actuary at a leading Canadian life insurance firm. 

Fred has a BComm in Finance and Actuarial Science from the University of Toronto. He is a CFA charterholder, Fellow of Society of Actuaries, Fellow of Canadian Institute of Actuaries, and Financial Risk Manager.


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