Asset Class Global Equity

Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Global energy transition from fossil-fuels to renewable power is driving structural change and creating new opportunities in the energy sector.
  • Environmental sectors generally experience less analyst coverage which may lead to underpriced/mispriced stock prices that represent investment opportunities.
  • The Fund is managed by Greenchip Financial who has been dedicated solely to environmental themed investing since 2007.

Key Facts


Creating a more sustainable economy

John A. Cook, Portfolio Manager of the Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund and President and Director Greenchip Financial Corp., discusses the importance of investing in environmental solutions.

5 min watch May 20, 2020

Global Energy Transition: An opportunity to invest to drive change

Greenchip Financial founders John Cook and Greg Payne share their investment thesis, sector outlook and investment strategy of the Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund.

3 min watch October 17, 2018



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