Asset Class Global Equity

Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Strictly adheres to a value investment style: buying undervalued, out-of-favour or misunderstood situations, which can generate competitive long-term returns as these situations re-price in the market 
  • Invests globally in a free-to-roam mandate that is concentrated in the portfolio manager’s highest conviction ideas
  • Fund uses a pure bottom-up stock selection process, thus avoiding the need to time the markets

NOTE: Mackenzie Segregated Funds and Guaranteed Investment Funds are no longer available to new investors Existing policyholders are able to make additional investments in their contracts and exchanges between available funds is also permitted

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Richard Wong, CFA

Senior Vice President, Investment Management, Portfolio Manager

Mackenzie Cundill Team

Investment experience since 1994



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