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For over 20 years, Mackenzie Private Wealth has helped Canadian advisors take their practice to new heights. We support advisors with unique, all-in-one ‘elevated’ high net worth portfolio construction and wealth management expertise with truly exceptional service support.

What's new

Women and wealth

Women make up half the market, but when it comes to their finances, they are often overlooked. Research shows us that many believe the industry was designed by men for men. Isn’t it time we stepped up?

Entrepreneurs: an opportunity for advisors

Entrepreneurs represent unique challenges for advisors. Why? They tend to have an appetite for ‘extreme risk’. Find out what sets this group apart, and how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Elevated portfolio construction

As a Mackenzie private wealth advisor, you’ll have access to a dedicated portfolio manager, who is a member of the Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies team. If you choose this option, we will help you build modern, diversified portfolios tailored to your clients’ unique financial circumstances.

Meet our portfolio construction team

Get to know your Mackenzie Private Wealth Portfolio Managers & Multi-Asset Strategies Team.

Quarterly commentary

Get an in-depth analysis, and review of the market and trends that affect your business.

Monthly Economic Update

Keep up to date with this month's market review and outlook.

Elevated high net worth wealth expertise

Mackenzie Private Wealth sets you apart from the competition, by ensuring you and your clients are at the front of the line when it comes to getting specialized Mackenzie portfolio construction and wealth management expertise.

Open, flexible portfolios

Mackenzie Private Wealth allows you to build and manage customized, consolidated and tax efficient household client portfolios, with as little or as much support from our investment and wealth management professionals, as desired. To construct portfolios, simply select from our fully diversified investment platform or contact us to learn more about Mackenzie Private Wealth Portfolio Models.

Elevated client conversations

At Mackenzie Private Wealth, we offer you and your clients best-in-class Insights from leading industry experts. We teamed up with Investor Economics to tackle meaningful industry topics.

Practice Management

Take advantage of online practice management guidance, video-based tutorials and, where qualified, business coaching with our practice management lead.

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Tax and Estate Planning

Our experienced team of tax and estate experts provide online thought leadership, solutions to difficult tax challenges, and personalized Tax and Estate Summary Reports for Mackenzie Private Wealth clients.

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Philanthropic Planning

Guided by Mackenzie Investments’ philanthropy experts, Mackenzie Investments Charitable Giving Fund is a unique and highly effective means for high-net-worth investors to meet their long-term philanthropic goals.

Elevated support throughout your experience

Our account managers are the first point of contact for advisors. They are there every step of the way, from prospecting to opening an account, rebalancing portfolios, and providing ongoing service and support.

Glyn Morgan

Senior Mackenzie Private Wealth Account Manager, AB/BC
Mackenzie Private Wealth

Glyn brings of wealth of experience and nearly 17 years of dedicated service to Mackenzie.  He has a passion for helping advisors with their high-net-worth investor service needs and increasing their clientele.  He also enjoys working closely with Wholesaling team colleagues and their focused efforts on landing and retaining business.

Kelly Ip

Senior Account Manager at Mackenzie Private Wealth
Mackenzie Private Wealth

Kelly started with the MPW team April 2022, she is the newest member to the team situated in Vancouver.

She has had a long career with Mackenzie starting in 2001. She has a broad range of skills acquired throughout her career before embarking on her career with Private Wealth.  Kelly has gained a variety of experience ranging from brokerage back-office, retail sales, bilingual Asian client relations, inside wholesale, and supervisory. With over 20 years of investing knowledge, Kelly truly loves working with her team at Mackenzie to ensure valued advisors and clients in Private Wealth are delivered the finest service.

Ramiro Cardenas

Senior Mackenzie Private Wealth Account Manager
Mackenzie Private Wealth

Ramiro joined the Private Wealth team in April 2023 and is based in Montreal. With over 5 years of experience in different roles in Client Relations and Dealer Relations, he has an extensive understanding of the Canadian mutual fund industry and its environment, as well as a proven track record collaborating with Investments Advisors. He is a member of the CAIA Association, Montreal chapter, and is currently enrolled in the CFA program.

Miguel Arambarri, CIM®

Senior Private Wealth Account Manager at Mackenzie Private Wealth
Mackenzie Private Wealth

Miguel joined the Mackenzie Private Wealth team in April 2024 and is based in Toronto. Miguel brings over 5 years of wealth management experience. During his tenure as an Investment Advisor with TD Private Wealth, Miguel successfully built and managed a book of business. He brings an array of experience and knowledge of the mutual fund industry, various other asset classes, and the skillset for building a successful practice.