Accessing private equity return characteristics

Mackenzie Private Equity Replication Fund

Private equity performance potential, made accessible

Randolph Cohen, PhD, of Harvard Business School makes the case for private equity replication and what it entails.

The process and advantages of private equity replication

How our innovative, liquid solution was constructed and what it seeks to deliver.

Asset Class Alternative Strategies

Mackenzie Private Equity Replication Fund

Why invest in this fund?

  • Seeks to provide investor-friendly access to the return and risk characteristics of US private equity.
  • Unlike private equity investments, the Fund offers daily liquidity, low investment minimums, and portfolio transparency.
  • Combines academic research with in-house expertise, delivering an innovative solution.

Key Facts

Portfolio Managers

Arup Datta, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice President, Head of Team

Global Quantitative Equity Team

Investment experience since 1992

Nelson Arruda, MFin., MSc., CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Team

Mackenzie Multi-Asset Strategies Team

Investment experience since 2010



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